Things Men Do (1921)

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This low-budget melodrama was adapted from the novel Into the Light. An innocent country girl (Patricia Palmer) is brutally abused by her stepfather. Her plight is viewed with sympathy by a boy (Edward Hearn) who soon falls in love with her. An evil character called the Spider (William Moran) preys on young girls, and his female accomplice (Dorothy Ketchum) makes a bargain with the stepfather by promising she will give the girl a good home. Instead, the Spider takes the girl to the city and keeps her a prisoner. When her health and spirit has been broken and the Spider has grown tired of her, he casts her out. The girl drags herself home, where the boy finds her. the Spider is struck by lightning and killed. A doctor examines the girl and doubts she will survive, but the boy takes her to a church where he prays endlessly for her. The girl's health returns and she is united with the boy.