Thieves (1919)

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Martland (Hayward Mack), a crook, orders his underling Mazie (Gladys Brockwell) to steal some bonds. After she's completed the job, she and her pal Jimmy (William Scott) decide to go straight. But Mazie can't resist stealing a woman's purse, and she's caught. The woman, Allison Cabot (Jeanne Calhoun), however, refuses to press charges and takes Mazie home. But instead of purely wanting her to reform, Allison asks Mazie to perform one last theft -- she needs to have some bonds stolen in order to get her falsely imprisoned fiancé out of jail. Coincidentally, they just happen to be the same bonds she stole for Martland. To accomplish this, she renews ties with Martland, which infuriates Jimmy, who believes the worst. But he winds up at Martland's just as Mazie and the crook are struggling for the bonds. The two men battle it out, and finally Mazie and Jimmy escape with the bonds. Allison's fiancé is exonerated and the two ex-criminals head for the altar. Gladys Brockwell was known for her underworld roles.