They Like 'em Rough (1922)

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Although much ado was made over modern, independent women in the 1920s, there was also a backlash -- women had only just gotten the right to vote, and feminism didn't make broad inroads into popular culture until the 1960s. Perhaps this explains why spunky actresses like Viola Dana and Constance Talmadge so often found themselves being "tamed" by swaggering macho men in their pictures. Here, Dana plays Katherine Trowbridge, a spoiled rich girl who learns early on of the effect she has on the opposite sex. She agrees to marry a young man named Waddie (Colin Kenny) until she realizes that her aunt and uncle thoroughly approve of the match. The rebellious girl leaves Waddie waiting at the altar and decides to marry the first man she sees, which happens to be her childhood sweetheart Dick Wells (William E. Lawrence), whom she doesn't recognize now that he's grown up and wears a beard. She quickly weds him, only realizing his identity after the ceremony. But this Dick isn't the nice, pliable little boy she remembers. Working at his father's lumber camp has made a man of him and then some; he takes her to his cabin in the forest and proceeds to order her around. Katherine hates this treatment until she's kidnapped by a group of thugs. Dick heroically saves her, injuring himself in the process. This wakes Katherine up and she becomes a devoted and obedient wife.



boyfriend, escape, graduation, kidnapping, love-triangle, socialite, spoiled