They All Fall (1925)

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Although there's no longer any way to tell for sure (many records have been lost, and nitrate film negatives disintegrated), this seems to be the last time Oliver Hardy and Bobby Ray would appear in a film together (within a couple of years, Hardy would be teamed up with Stan Laurel, creating comic history). Ray plays the janitor at the local movie theater, and Hardy is his boss. The boss and his fiancée, the cashier, are planning to be married, and Bobby and his girlfriend decide to get married, too. But first Bobby has to post playbills all over town -- he winds up sticking them mainly on the townsfolk, including a cop, his sergeant, and the theater manager himself. The theater manager gets his marriage license mixed up with a playbill, which he doesn't discover until he arrives at the parson's home. He angrily goes after Bobby, who escapes and runs off with his boss' fiancée.