The Woman Untamed (1920)

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Popular dancer Mlle. Doraldina wrote the story to this film especially to highlight her talents, which trade paper Moving Picture World called "frankly sensual and of the athletic order." The skipper of a rum ship is involved in a mutiny and his daughter (Doraldina) escapes and swims to the nearest tropical island. The natives there are in the middle of a celebration and they believe the girl is the goddess Nasoni. The girl is overwhelmed by the reverent treatment she is getting, so she decides to stick around. One day she runs across a man (Jay Morley) who is on a hunting expedition and attacks him. She has second thoughts, however, and nurses him back to health. They fall in love, and when the tribe confronts her about the intruder, she claims he is a god. A search party finds the man and he begs Nasoni to return to civilization but she turns him down. Although he leaves, he finds he would rather be with her, so he returns to the tribe and the couple reunites.