The Wire: Homecoming (2004)

Genres - Drama  |   Run Time - 60 min.  |  
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Stringer's (Idris Elba) "legitimate" real estate associates are soaking him for bribe after bribe. Colvin's (Robert Wisdom) "provisional legalization" program, which the hoppers call "Hamsterdam," seems to be working. Colvin orders his troops to spare no effort in deterring dealers from staying on their corners, and they go wild with it. Avon (Wood Harris), fresh out of jail, is upset to hear about his crew's run-ins with Marlo (Jamie Hector). He wants to take a run at him, but Stringer wants to keep trying to talk to Marlo. Stringer wants to worry about the wholesale business of supply and money laundering, not the petty retail squabbles of who runs what corners. Kima (Sonja Sohn) and McNulty (Dominic West) tell Daniels (Lance Reddick) about Stringer's meeting with Marlo, but he's tells them, "This unit is about the bodies," and the Western District has been quiet. Avon has Cutty (Chad L. Coleman) and Slim Charles (Anwan Glover) take a run at Marlo. But Barksdale's crew doesn't have the muscle it once did. Bubbles (Andre Royo) tells Kima about the bodies dropping, but Daniels gets fed up with McNulty and Kima usurping his authority, and refuses to reassign the unit, so Kima suggests that McNulty go around him. Carcetti (Aidan Gillen) and D'Agostino (Brandy Burre) think if there's a black candidate running against Royce (Glynn Turman) in the primary to split the black vote, and Carcetti can get the support of someone like Odell Watkins (Frederick Strother), he might have a chance. Bunk (Wendell Pierce) gets permission to work his murder case, and arranges a face-to-face meeting with Omar (Michael K. Williams), taking the opportunity to lecture the man about his effect on the community. Donette (Shamyl Brown) talks to Brianna (Michael Hyatt) about her relationship with Stringer, and about McNulty's visit.