The Wife He Bought (1918)

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This Universal programmer was based on a short story by Larry Evans. With a name like Steele Valiant (Kenneth Harlan), you know that he is the hero. Valiant comes back to New York after making a fortune in the Northwest, and finds his father (Howard Crampton) on the verge of death. His financial standing has been ruined by his rival, James Brieson (Sydney Dean), and young Valiant swears to get revenge. He corners a certain stock, which puts Brieson in a fix because he has embezzled money to cover his margins. He is facing a prison sentence, and Valiant offers to save him if he will give him his daughter's hand in marriage. Brieson refuses, but his daughter, Janice (Carmel Myers), overrides him and agrees to go along with it. Although Valiant is convinced he is getting revenge by this match, he really loves Janice, which he refuses to admit. Only after another man enters the picture and puts Janice's life at risk, does Valiant own up to his feelings, truly uniting the couple.