The Way of the Strong (1919)

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Anna Q. Nilsson has a dual role in this drama, based on the novel by Ridgewell Cullum. Alexander Hendrie (Joe King) and James Leyburn (Harry S. Northrup) are partners in an Alaskan mining camp. The two-faced Leyburn, however, runs off with Hendrie's wife, Audrie (Nilsson), and her little boy, Frank. They are overtaken by a blizzard, and Leyburn abandons them. Audrie dies, and Frank is taken to Seattle to live with Audrie's half-sister, Monica Norton (also Nilsson). Both Hendrie and Leyburn wind up becoming very powerful men in the West. Hendrie falls in love with Monica without realizing her identity. Leyburn, who has unsuccessfully tried to ruin Hendrie, goes to Monica and lies to her about his background. His schemes finally come to a head when he, Hendrie, and Monica all wind up in his office. After a brutal fistfight, Leyburn is revealed as the scoundrel he truly is, and Hendrie wins Monica.