Undying Flame (1917)

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This drama involving reincarnation is told in two halves. A princess of ancient Egypt (Madame Olga Petrova) is in love with a shepherd (Mahlon Hamilton), but her father, the King (Edward Mordant) wants her to marry the Builder of the Temple (Herbert Evans). He orders the shepherd to be buried alive, but before this is carried out, he and the princess break a scarab in half. Each of them keep a piece, so that their souls will be reunited in death. A few thousand years later, the pair meet up again as Harry Paget, an English captain at the Sudan, and Grace Leslie, the daughter of Sir Hector Leslie (Warren Cook), who is in charge of the garrison. The wife of another officer (Violet Reed) wants Paget, and her machinations almost ruin his relationship with Grace, and his army career. Everything is resolved, however, and the couple, strangely enough, find they each have a piece of a broken scarab. The settings for this picture were more interesting than its story.