The Trap (1919)

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This average drama has little to offer, although it does feature a couple of notable up-and-comers in small roles: Rod La Rocque and Tallulah Bankhead. School teacher Jean Carson (Olive Tell) lives in the Yukon and is loved by Ned Fallon, a young prospector (Jere Austin). Ned and Jean's father, Henry (Joseph Burke), are partners, and when they are off on a prospecting trip, Jean becomes lonely and gets involved with Ned's black sheep brother, Steve (Earl Schenck). They marry, but Steve comes home drunk one day and informs her that he is already married to a woman in Seattle. He takes off, never to be seen again. When Ned returns, he deeds half of his claim to Jean, but she explains that she cannot marry him. Word filters down that Steve has died, and when Bruce Graham, a New York broker (Sidney Mason), comes through the village, he falls for Jean. She accompanies him back East and marries him. She never tells him of her marriage to Steve, and years later Doc Sloan (La Rocque) tries to blackmail her. Graham becomes suspicious of Ned's relationship with his wife, but everything is solved when Sloan is shot to death and Ned marries Jean's younger sister, Helen (Bankhead).