Three Little Sew and Sews (1938)

Genres - Comedy  |   Sub-Genres - Slapstick  |   Countries - USA  |  
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The Three Stooges play inept Navy tailors for the Republic of Telvana in this comic short. The Admiral has been invited to a luncheon by Count Gehrol, a possible spy, but Curly intercepts the telegram and puts on the Admiral's suit himself. Moe and Larry are temporarily tossed in the brig for hitting an officer -- Curly. But he gets them out (for five dollars), and they borrow a couple more officer uniforms and head for the luncheon. The count sends a woman-spy to get secret information out of Curly, and her technique sends him into throes of ecstasy; he also gets the seat of his pants stuck on a couch spring. When the real admiral shows up, the Stooges allow a policeman to cart him off as an impostor. "We'll be shot at sunrise for this," Moe remarks. "Maybe the sun won't come out tomorrow. It might rain," replies Curly, who promptly gets poked. The Stooges get into even more trouble when the Count and his female associate hold them at gun-point on a submarine, but somehow the boys manage to knock them unconscious. They also get the sub off the ocean floor only to discover that the Navy is trying to bomb it to keep it out of enemy hands. Some of the submarine footage for this short came from Columbia's 1937 film Devil's Playground.



spy, tailor, espionage, sailor, submarine, Nazi, war