The Pest Man Wins (1951)

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Though it doesn't borrow any footage, this Columbia short is essentially a remake of The Three Stooges' 1936 short, Ants in the Pantry. A caterer is throwing a fancy-dress party in hopes of drumming up business for her desserts when the Stooges appear at the window. They're exterminators who can't seem to drum up any work, so they decide to infest the home with moths, ants, and mice. When the hostess finds the pests, she's panic-stricken, until the Stooges show up on her front door. She puts them in tuxedoes and admonishes them to keep their work a secret from the guests. Many of the gags are the same as in the previous feature -- the Stooges' cats wind up in the piano and cause a racket when a guest tries to play a number, a mouse flies from a guest to a Stooge and back again, and so on. Vernon Dent is the one here who winds up wildly dancing because a mouse has crawled down his back, and the Stooges join him with their fancy footwork. There are a few new gags, and a new ending -- a massive pie fight in which just about everyone at the party gets hit.