Square Heads of the Round Table (1948)

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The Three Stooges play troubadours of the Middle Ages in this comic short. It opens with Shemp stuck in his armor suit -- "I kept busting rivets so I had my tailor spot-weld me," he explains. It turns out that Cedric the blacksmith is hiding in their home to avoid beheading -- he has fallen in love with Princess Elaine (Christine McIntyre), who is betrothed to the Black Prince (Phil Van Zandt). To help him out, the Stooges accompany him to serenade the fair princess but they are all caught by the king (Vernon Dent) and jailed in the dungeon to await execution. But the princess saves them with a loaf of bread filled with files, saws, and hammers. The Stooges escape their captors and don suits of armor (or "steel step-ins," as Moe calls them). The Black Prince is planning to kill the king as soon as he's married to the princess, and Cedric is to be beheaded when the trumpets announce the forthcoming wedding. But the Stooges hurl fruit into the trumpets to keep them from sounding and reveal the Black Prince's nefarious plot. Cedric is saved, and the King allows him to wed the princess.