Sock-A-Bye-Baby (1942)

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Because there's not much plot to this Three Stooges short, it has almost a sitcom-like feel. It's late at night and a tearful woman leaves a baby on the doorstep of a home -- which happens to be where the Stooges live. The infant's cries rouse the boys out of a sound sleep, and once they find the tot, it takes over their lives. It sleeps on the bed while the Stooges wind up on the floor. Though well meaning, the Stooges are not exactly knowledgeable when it comes to taking care of a baby -- the meal they prepare for him includes radishes, celery, spaghetti and artichokes. They're not much better in the diaper-changing department. Then they see a newspaper item about a kidnapped baby and become convinced that the baby was left on their doorstep by the kidnappers. When the police come knocking at their door, they rush out the back in a panic. The Stooges drive off with motorcycle cops in hot pursuit. Although the policemen never do catch the Stooges, they do find the baby -- which was all they wanted. One of the cops is the child's father, who had had a terrible fight with his wife the night before. Unaware that they perfectly safe, the Stooges sneak off under a trio of haystacks.