Outer Space Jitters (1957)

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This is one of the funnier shorts made by the latter day Three Stooges lineup of Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Joe Besser. The boys are assistants to Professor Jones (Emil Sitka) and they have traveled from Earth to the planet Sunev (which a title informs us is "Venus" spelled backwards). The planet's leader greets them cordially enough, but he has secret plans to bring prehistoric men to life and take over the earth. Jones finds out about the evil scheme and is promptly tied up. Meanwhile, the Stooges are making time with some Sunevian girls. Unfortunately, the girls are charged with "atomic electricity," which makes smooching a bit difficult. At dinner, the alien leader informs them that they are about to die, so they make a mad dash to escape. Getting the aliens out of the way is easy enough -- they short circuit their "atomic electricity" with Joe's hot water bottles (he thought it was going to be cold on Sunev). They have a much harder time getting rid of a prehistoric man (Bonanza's Dan Blocker), but they manage to free Jones and they begin to destroy all the equipment that would have brought doom to the Earth. It turns out that all this is a story the boys were telling their kids (played by the Stooges in baby bonnets). But then the baby-sitter shows up -- and she's got the same caveman face as the monster in their tale. The boys panic and leap out the window.