A Missed Fortune (1952)

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This Three Stooges comedy was a remake of the 1938 short Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb, with Shemp in Curly's role. The boys are having breakfast while Shemp is working on a ditty to enter in a radio contest. Moe puts Shemp's glue on his pancakes and seals his mouth shut. While dealing with this insanity, Shemp gets a call from the "Mystery Motor Jackpot Contest," and wins fifty thousand dollars when the announcer mistakes his shout of "my bunion aches!" as "Bunyon 8" -- the correct answer. So the boys dress to the nines and check in at the Hotel Costa Plenty (just like in the 1938 film). The manager proudly points out the five thousand dollar Ming vase, and the bed that goes back to Henry VIII -- it's clear that before the boys are done, both items will be decimated. After the Stooges have done their damage, the manager shows up with a registered letter. It's the contest money which, after taxes, amounts to $4.85. The boys try to hide this news from the manager, who is growing ever more suspicious. Meanwhile, in a room down the hall, three girls have heard about the contest winners and want a piece of the action. But every time they try to knock on the Stooges' door, the guys think it's the hotel manager and the girls are greeted with buckets of water. Finally the ladies fed up and money or no, they bean the boys with three empty champagne bottles.



con/scam, contest, girlfriend, golddigger, lottery, radio