The Three Stooges : Ants in the Pantry (1936)

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Synopsis by Janiss Garza

The Three Stooges play slap-happy exterminators in this comic short. The Lightning Pest Control Company is having trouble staying afloat. "This rat-catching business is going to the dogs!" moans manager A. Mouser. He calls for his three workers -- Moe, Larry and Curly -- and tells them to go out and drum up some jobs. Their first stop is at a mansion where a matron (former silent star Clara Kimball Young) is entertaining a large group of guests who are preparing for a fox hunt. The boys secretly release ants on the food, mice on the curtains and moths in the closet. When they finally ring the doorbell, the butler is more than happy to see them. The matron insists on putting them in jodhpurs so that her guests won't know that her home is infested with vermin. So attired as equestrians, the Stooges create mayhem amongst the society folk -- mice pop up in the most curious places and Curly tries eating a poppy seed cake (the seeds are actually the ants), much to Moe's consternation. At the matron's insistence, they've hidden the cats they've brought in the piano, which causes serious problems when a certain Mr. Repulso tries to play a song. The piano winds up smashed on the floor, covered in Stooges. As it turns out, the guests think they're entertainers and congratulate the matron on finding them. The Stooges are invited to the hunt, but before they can even begin, Curly -- whose nose is stuffed up from a cold -- finds the fox. But it's not a fox, it's a skunk. Moe, Larry and one of the horses faint from the smell.



con/scam, dinner-party, exterminator, party