The Test of Womanhood (1917)

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Stuart Holmes had the misfortune of starring in this ersatz Graustarkian romance. Telegraph poles and electric lights ruined the Old World feel that the picture attempted to emulate, and the continuity was nearly incomprehensible. Turania invades one of its neighboring countries, Akkadia. The fighting is vicious and bloody, and Carl, a Turanian officer (Holmes) joins his fellows in satiating his lust. Marie, an Akkadian governess, tries to protect her mistress from the brutalities of Carl and his compatriots and is assaulted. When she regains consciousness, she finds her sweetheart's brother lying next to her, murdered. Carl, who has been court-martialed, reveals that he came to his senses at the last minute and left her untouched, and that he killed the man in self-defense. Carl has fallen in love with Marie and he works to win her trust. Her sweetheart blames her for his brother's death and Carl has to rescue her from his clutches. Ultimately, Marie and Carl overcome the trials of war and are united.