Tavern Knight (1920)

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This British-made swashbuckler was directed by the prolific and versatile Maurice Elvey. It is based on the historical novel by Rafael Sabatini. The wife and son of Roland Marleigh (Eille Norwood) are killed by her relatives, the Ashburns, who do not approve of the marriage. Marleigh swears revenge and, 20 years later, he finds himself on the side of Charles II, while the Ashburns are on the side of Oliver Cromwell (Conway Booth), except for one son, Kenneth (Laurence Anderson), who serves the Royalists so the family is protected on both sides. Their ward, Cynthia (Madge Stuart), is engaged to Kenneth. Both Marleigh and Kenneth find themselves in a cell together, and Marleigh offers to help him escape if he will do his bidding. They head for Castle Marleigh, which is now occupied by the Ashburn family. They recognize him and try to kill him, but Marleigh emerges victorious in a duel. In order to save his life, Joseph Ashburn (Cecil Humphreys) confesses that Marleigh's son was not killed. The evidence leads Marleigh to discover that Kenneth is his own son. The Ashburns are still determined that Marleigh will die but he is saved by Captain Hogan (Teddy Arundel). Joseph Ashburn kills Kenneth, and Cynthia confesses her love for Marleigh.