The Sweetheart of the Doomed (1917)

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In 1910s melodramas, vamps either died for their sins or they reformed. In this picture, Louise Glaum's bad girl reforms. Because she was betrayed as an innocent young girl, Honore Zonlay (Glaum) nurses a hatred for all men. She victimizes every one who crosses her path, and when she has the opportunity to meet General Gabriel Durand (Thomas Guise), the uncle of the man who wronged her, Honore is thrilled because this is yet another opportunity to avenge the wrong he did her. She works her wiles on Durand, who falls for her almost instantly and proposes. After they have announced their engagement, Honore meets Paul Montaigne (Charles Gunn), who is bringing Durand a dispatch. She falls in love for the first time in her life and begins meeting with Montaigne on the sly, while pretending to be Durand's sister. When he proposes, she tells him her real identity, but he loves her anyway. Durand, meanwhile, finds out about her past and this makes it easy for Honore to split up with him. Montaigne becomes a spy for his country while it is at war, and Honore goes to seek him out. She runs into Durand who tells her he has sent him out to certain death. Montaigne is brought to the hospital, mortally wounded, and a chaplain is quickly called to marry him to Honore. She desperately prays for his recovery and miraculously, he survives.