The Sensuous Wife (1970)

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Review by Robert Firsching

Around the same time as his godawful (albeit better known) Love Feast (1969), Joseph F. Robertson directed a second softcore exploitation film, also starring Edward D. Wood, Jr. This one centers on an orgiastic Hollywood party where various badly dressed swingers have sex and smoke marijuana. A particularly obese couple needs to lie down on two billiard tables to have sex, and Wood appears in the transvestite wardrobe which made him a legend. There's homosexuality, S&M, body painting, whipping, and one scene (thankfully excised from the video) that is over the line even for this sort of production. Robertson had produced the trash-classic The Crawling Eye and was also responsible for 1992's Auntie Lee's Meat Pies. After a few more brief appearances in exploitation films, Wood concentrated on writing, cranking out dozens of lurid, trashy paperbacks and some screenplays for exploitation director Stephen C. Apostolof, with whom he had collaborated with since 1960's Orgy of the Dead.