The Richest Girl (1918)

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This romantic comedy was adapted from a stage play. Benjamine Downey (Ann Murdock) is the daughter of an extremely wealthy chocolate king. She leaves finishing school suddenly after a disagreement with the principal and on the drive home, two of her tires blow out. She finds herself stranded near a cottage belonging to Paul Normand (David Powell), an internal revenue clerk. Visiting Norman is Felix (Paul Capellani), an artist friend, and they offer to let her stay the night. It turns out that this is not necessarily a good idea, since Normand's fiancée, Flora Mingasson (Gladys Wilson), shows up the next day with her father, the internal revenue commissioner (Herbert Ayling). Flora misunderstands the situation and it causes a rift between her and Normand. But Felix believes that his friend and Benjamine would make a good couple. He orchestrates a series of meetings between them that eventually lose Normand his job, but win him the girl.