The Psychic (1968)

Genres - Thriller  |   Run Time - 90 min.  |  
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Dan Thomas (Dick Genola) is a successful advertising man who falls off a ladder while attempting repairs on his house. The blow to his head knocks him cold and necessitates a brain operation that imbues him with bizarre powers. After shaking hands with his boss, he foresees the man's death and is stunned when his prediction proves correct. When the boss' son takes over the business, Thomas has a vision that the agency has been sold to a rival company and quits in disgust (he also correctly identifies the son's secret homosexuality). This newfound talent is exhausting to Thomas, who takes to excessive drink in an attempt to quiet his powers, much to the dismay of his wife, who worries about the family's finances. He moves out after an argument and meets Bobbi, a beautiful blonde who convinces him to use his prognostication powers in a nightclub act. They are a short-lived success, since an impressed audience member convinces Thomas to accompany him to New York City, where he's sure that Thomas can become a nationwide celebrity. He acquires an agent and finds himself the toast of the town, in demand at society parties and gaining riches from his gift. Unfortunately, Thomas is also becoming arrogant with power and increasingly unfaithful to his estranged wife. After an appearance on a late-night chat show goes awry, Thomas fears that his psychic abilities are waning, and when his daughter is abducted he realizes that he has no more power to deduce her location, and he's left a broken shell of a man.



supernatural, advertising-executive, injury, power, psychic, sex, supernatural-forces, telepathy, world-domination