The Price of Success (1925)

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When Alice Lake switched from comedy to dramatic roles, it was not necessarily a wise career move. Today, if Lake is remembered at all, it is because of her roles in Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle's films. Her dramas were often humdrum soap operas like this one, and by the mid-'20s, she was relegated to low-budget film companies such as Columbia (very much a Poverty Row studio in the silent era). Here, Lake is Ellen Harden, who learns that her husband, George (Lee C. Shumway), is being distracted by vampy Ardath Courtney (Alma Bennett). Ellen isn't afraid to confront the other woman, who is determined to get her out of the way. Mrs. Moran (Florence Turner), an abused wife, needs help renting an apartment and Ellen finds a place for her. When Ellen goes to visit her new friend, Ardath informs Harden, who follows and believes that his wife is carrying on with Jimmy Moran, Mrs. Moran's drunken mate (Speck O'Donnell). But Ellen's innocence is revealed when Moran shows up and berates her for helping his wife. Harden gives him the thrashing he deserves and is reunited with Ellen.