The Poor Simp (1920)

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Owen Moore, who had recently been divorced by Mary Pickford, was very much a sophisticated man of the world, so he may have been miscast as a lovesick "poor simp" in this comedy. Melville Carruthers is so in love with Grace Adams (Nell Craig) that he makes a fool of himself in front of her. Grace laughs at his foolishness and turns to someone else. Carruthers goes to a café where he is involved in a brawl and knocked senseless. When he comes to the next morning, he is being nursed by a cabaret girl he can't remember meeting. Unfortunately, that's just when Grace and her mother (Vera Lewis) walk in. This ruins everything for Carruthers, but fate isn't done with him yet. Dr. Crawford (Herbert Prior), who comes to examine him, decides he's the perfect specimen to use in an experiment on mental suggestion. Carruthers is put through a series of adventures that make him believe he has gone insane. Meanwhile, the cabaret girl tells Grace that Carruthers has never stopped loving her and she should forgive him. Grace calls him up and offers to marry him that very day. Carruthers breaks away from the doctor's assistants, but his behavior is so strange that the wedding is called off. Eventually he is able to convince his sweetheart of his sanity and they rush off to be married.