The Pet (1921)

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One of several films based upon Winsor McCay's surrealistic comic strip, Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend, The Pet opens with a man and woman in bed. The man mentions that he ate a delicious rarebit at his club, despite the fact that doing so always gives him bad dreams. He begins to dream about a strange pet that appears at their house one day while he is away. The wife is drawn to the strange little creature, which somewhat resembles a dog. She names him "Cutey" and bathes him. The husband arrives; he is not happy about the new pet, but doesn't comment too much about him. The wife feeds him some milk, and he grows noticeably. She puts it in the crib to sleep, but it kicks off its covers, stands on its hind legs and jumps around. It then leaves the crib and crawls into bed between the man and woman. Irritated, the husband goes to sleep on the couch. The pet follows him, and seems to have grown even more. The next morning, the wife sets the table for a delicious breakfast. The pet is under the table but comes out when a cat comes in -- and eats the cat. He sits at the table and eats the food, then the plates, even the coffee urn -- and grows bigger with each bite. The man goes to a druggist to order some poison for the animal, who in the meantime has eaten all the coal in the cellar, as well as a lamp, a bust, a stool, and the family parrot, and grown even larger. He eats the entire barrel of poison, but while it upsets him, it does not kill him. Of truly gigantic proportions now, he eats through the garden wall and ambles out into the city, eating trees, cars, streetcars and buildings. The man has alerted the police about the pet, and planes and dirigibles attack it, finally dropping a bomb that blows it into many small pieces, while at the same time destroying much of the city.