The Pest (1922)

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This two-reel comedy was one of a series that Stan Laurel made for former cowboy star turned producer Gilbert M. Anderson. Laurel plays Jimmy Smith, a door-to-door book salesman. There are several reasons for his lack of success -- for one, the only title he has for sale is The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Jimmy also wastes his time hawking his wares in front of an academy for the deaf. This wins the enmity of one woman in particular (Joy Winthrop), who pesters him throughout the rest of the film. Eventually, Jimmy happens on a pretty but poor young lady (Vera Reynolds), who is about to be evicted from her apartment. Jimmy is determined to help her out -- just as soon as he escapes from an angry bulldog. He dresses in a tiger skin to get away from the dog, but then he's chased by a dogcatcher. After eluding both dog and catcher, Jimmy drops the skin and puts on a coat that was draped on a mannequin. Little does he know, the coat contains a wallet, placed there by a pickpocket who was running from the cops. Once again Jimmy becomes the focus of a pursuit, but he manages to make it back to the girl and saves her from being attacked by the landlord (Glen Cavender). Only then does Jimmy discover the wallet, and he is able to pay the girl's rent.