The Other Woman (1921)

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Norah Davis' novel formed the basis for this program drama. Langdon Kirven (Jerome Patrick) has been missing for five years, but his wife, Avery (Helen Jerome Eddy), still hopes he will be found. However, Kirven's friend, Spencer Ellis (William Conklin), has fallen in love with Avery and hopes he is never found. Spencer happens on Kirven himself one day in a park. The man swears he is John Gorham, not Kirven, and his personality is certainly different from the missing man. Just to be safe, Ellis gets him a job in a distant city. In the period of two years, Gorham manages to make his way up the social ladder and attains a position of prominence. He is about to marry Ellis' cousin, Naomi Joyce (Jane Novak), when Ellis shows up and threatens to expose him as Kirven. The shock brings back his memory and he returns to Avery. He undergoes another personality change and goes back to Gorham's life. He weds Naomi and they have a child. Ellis finally explains that Kirven/Gorham is suffering from amnesia and eventually his two personalities will merge. Kirven tries to return to Avery, who tells him he should go to Naomi, and that she will divorce him so that he can legally marry her.



amnesia, attack, bigamy, mistaken-identity, partner, rescue