The Nutcracker (1926)

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This so-so comedy starring Edward Everett Horton is notable because his co-star, Mae Busch, plays a domineering wife -- the type of role she would become known for in the 1930s when she was foil to Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Horatio Slipaway (Horton) is your classic hen-pecked husband who doesn't fare any better at the office. True to his name, he slips away from his home but before he can get very far, he is hit by a streetcar. He is given 500 dollars to settle his case, and he pretends to have lost his memory so he can use the money to start life all over again. He takes the name Pete Peters (of Peru), wins big in the stock market, and sets himself up in a new apartment. His wife, Martha (Busch), discovers him after believing he was dead. She decides she wants him back and does everything she can to make him return, including buying a new wardrobe with the insurance money she received upon his "death." Horatio, however, refuses to admit he is anyone but Pete Peters of Peru until Martha has him kidnapped. Pete is faced with a group of surgeons determined to bring him back to his senses, so he finally agrees that yes, he is Horatio, and the couple are reunited.