The Little Yank (1917)

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The winsome Dorothy Gish plays a Southern gal during Civil War times in this silent flick. So winsome is she that during one particularly heavy point, a whole battle is ground to a halt so that Gish's character, Sally, can cross the lines to tend to her wounded brother (Robert Burns). In fact, both sides cheer the perky little maiden. In spite of this, and a few other, glaring examples of unreality, The Little Yank is an entertaining, though not terribly outstanding, Dorothy Gish film. There's the usual love affair, this time around involving the overly-valiant Frank Bennett as Captain Johnnie. The problem here is that Captain Johnnie is a Northern soldier. But even with the war between the states raging, the couple manage to have their romance anyway. This is one of many films that prove Dorothy Gish's personality was able to sell anything.