Little Wanderer (1920)

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Little Jenny (Shirley Mason), who believes herself to be an orphan, dresses in boy's clothes and lives on the streets. But her life changes when she bursts into the tenement home of Larry Hart (Raymond McKee) while she is trying to evade the cops. Hart, a newspaper reporter, has been arguing with his father, who owns the paper (Edwin Booth Tilton) that most criminals would go straight if they were given the chance. Hart realizes Jenny is a girl and gets her work s a waitress at a cafe. They begin a romance, complicated by their battling fathers -- it turns out that Jenny's dad, Joe Carson (Dreil Vanauker), is still alive and was unjustly imprisoned for 12 years because of Mr. Hart. But all is resolved when the newspaper owner offers to make amends. This hackneyed plot did not make the best vehicle for Shirley Mason, although she did look well in boy's clothes, as she had already proved in Treasure Island.