The Litterbug (1961)

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In this Disney live-action/animated "special", we are given a sneak peak at a new book called "Pest Control" by one D.D. Tee. The author/narrator explains that, while Mankind has for the most part netutralized such predatory pests as the mosquito and boll weevil, we have not yet rid ourselve of that most annoying and destructive of pests: The Litterbug (who in this film looks a lot like Donald Duck). Though the private "domains" of the Litterbug may be clean and tidy, on weekends the little nemesis is capable of littering three times its own weight. The Litterbug is most active during the vacation months, generally migrating to the beach or the mountains. We are offered some rather messy examples of the worst offenders, including "The Unconscious Carrier", "The Sports Bug", and "The Sneak Bug." The catchy closing song, performed by several not-so-timid woodland creatures, takes the Litterbug to task for blighting and polluting the landscape--and as a bonus, there's a superbly ironic closing gag.