The Lesson (1918)

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When her contract with Triangle ended, silent comedienne Constance Talmadge signed up to make films with her brother-in-law, producer Joseph Schenck (he was married to her sister, dramatic star Norma Talmadge). This picture was the first film Talmadge starred in for him, but it was so poor that they held back the release for many months -- it wound up being her sixth release for Schenck. Helen Drayton (Talmadge) is bored of life in the small town where she grew up. Her constant companion has been Chet Vernon (Tom Moore), and everyone expects them to get married. The contrary Helen resents this assumption, so when New York architect John Galvin (Herbert Heyes) breezes through town, she immediately becomes infatuated with him and they elope. They settle down in New York and it isn't long before Helen realizes that her new husband is selfish and unappealing. Her lesson learned, she quickly figures out how to dump Galvin and reunite with Chet.