The Law of the North (1918)

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This melodrama of the Canadian Northwest casts Charles Ray against his usual country-bumpkin type. Here he's Alain de Montcalm, a young trader. While Alain is at another trading station, his father, a post commander (Charles K. French), is murdered by his assistant, Caesar Le Noir (Robert McKim). Le Noir then makes off with Alain's sister, Virginie (Gloria Hope). Alain returns with a girl, Therese (Doris Lee), who is Le Noir's daughter. When he discovers what has happened in his absence, he angrily dumps Therese off with an Indian and rounds up a posse in pursuit of Le Noir. They find the villain armed and struggling with Virginie in an abandoned fort. The gun goes off and hits Virginie, who collapses. Alain continues his chase, and finds Therese lying in the snow. He takes her back home, where he finds his sister, not dead like he thought, but recuperating. Although Alain does not capture Le Noir, justice is served when he falls out of his sled and is devoured by wolves. Alain begs for Therese's forgiveness, which she gives him. Although Ray pulled off his part quite well, escaping stereotyping then was as hard as it is now and soon he was back to his usual rural stories.