The Last of the Duanes (1919)

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In the late 1910s, star William Farnum played a number of Zane Grey characters. In this picture he is Buck Duane, last of a clan known for being quick on the trigger. Though after the death of his father, it looked like the Duanes were going to die out without any more killings, the vengeful Cal Bain (Henry J. Herbert) comes along, and forces Buck to do him in. So Buck heads for the hills to avoid the Texas Rangers and falls in with some outlaws. The leader, Bland (Clarence Burton), has in his possession an abused girl, Jenny Lee (Louise Lovely), who he is saving for his own wicked purposes. Finally Buck gets word that the Rangers promise not to harm him if he will talk with them, so he goes. They tell him that he will be pardoned if he brings in a gang which includes desperado Poggin (G. Raymond Nye). This he does, suffering quite a few wounds in the process. The end of the picture shows Jenny and her mother (Genevieve Blinn) pulling him from a train on a stretcher. The film ends rather abruptly with a subtitle explaining that Buck recovers and spawns a large family -- which implies that he wasn't the last of the Duanes after all.