The Joke's on You (1925)

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Once again, Billy West borrows Oliver Hardy away from Bobby Ray (West was producing Ray's films, along with starring in his own). West plays a husband who is suffering from stress, and from his wife's awful cooking. The doctor advises him to take a vacation, so he and the wife (Ethlyn Gibson) go to the country to visit relatives. Cousin Wilbert (Hardy) meets them at the station and gives them the wagon ride from hell. At the farm, they find their relatives are a strange and uncouth bunch, with no table manners whatsoever. The couple never does manage to get any dinner, and then they discover that not only do they have to sleep in separate beds, they have to share their separate beds with various cousins. Finding their vacation more stressful than what they left behind, the couple sneaks out and returns home. This is the last known appearance of Oliver Hardy in a Billy West film. He was already making films for Hal Roach where, within a couple of years, he would be teamed up with a partner whose talents proved to be a perfect blend with his -- Stan Laurel.