The Inner Voice (1920)

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When prospector Mark Reid (E.K. Lincoln) discovers gold on his claim, he goes to register it. But upon his return, he discovers that another prospector, Mike O'Hara (Riley Hatch), has moved in on him. A fierce battle ensues, but a bypasser (Fuller Mellish) stops them. Reid and O'Hara wind up becoming friends and partners, but a crooked stock promoter comes in and swindles Reid out of the property. Reid has fallen in love with Barbara (Agnes Ayers), the girl who accompanied the swindler, and he believes that she was in on the scam. He takes off, but eventually comes to New York. Through machinations on the stock market, he is able to destroy those who ruined him. Once again, he comes across Barbara, who was an innocent party all along, so they are reunited.