The Hunch (1921)

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Jimmy Humphrey (Gareth Hughes) wakes up in his bathtub. There's a note written on his shirt urging him to buy Jerusalem Steel. Humphrey decides to go along with this hunch, and borrows the money for five thousand shares from John Thorndyke (John C. Steppling), the father of his fiancée, Barbara (Ethel Grandin). Thorndyke fronts the money even though he doesn't necessarily approve of Humphrey's courtship of Barbara. When the stock tanks, he demands that the young man make good on the debt. Humphrey wants to hold out for just a while longer and he figures that the best way to do that is to fake his own murder. After leaving a bloody knife and his hat by a riverbank, he goes to meet Barbara and their mutual friend, George Taylor (Edward Flannagan), at her summer home. On the way he is attacked by thieves who steal all his money and clothes. Left with nothing but a tramp's outfit, he winds up being arrested on suspicion of murdering Jimmy Humphrey, and he can't convince anyone that he is Humphrey. Barbara and Taylor wind up in jail too because it is believed they are accessories to the crime. It's up to Papa Thorndyke to get everyone out of the lockup. Jerusalem Steel has made a big turnaround, so he consents to the union between Barbara and Humphrey. At the time he starred in this farce, Gareth Hughes had recently gained a lot of attention from Sentimental Tommy.



attack, demands, fake, father, fiancee, friendship, help, killing, loot, man, message, repayment, steel, stocks, town