The Hopper (1918)

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Two friends, Wilbur Talbot (George Hernandez) and John Wilton (Walt Whitman), have a falling out over the ownership of a Ming vase. In spite of the feud, Talbot's son, Roger (Eugene Cory) manages to wed Wilton's daughter, Muriel (Irene Hunt). Into this uneasy family affair stumble three reformed crooks, the Hopper (William V. Mong), his wife Mary (Lillian West) and his pal Humpy (Louis Durham). In short order, the Hopper, believing he is being pursued by cops, steals Roger Talbot's car -with Roger Jr. (Peaches Jackson) in the back seat -- and then is forced by his wife to steal the Ming vase. Before the Hopper is able to set everything straight, all manner of mayhem ensues between the Talbots and Wiltons. This picture was based on a story written by Meredith Nicholson for Collier's magazine.