The Green God (1918)

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Although the plot to this mystery is very familiar -- it involves the theft of a sacred idol -- it is given a fresh approach by director Paul Scardon. Major Temple (Arthur Donaldson) desperately wants the Green God, a sacred figurine he saw during a trip to China. He asks Robert Ashton (George Majeroni) to obtain it for him, promising him the hand of his daughter, Muriel (Betty Blythe, wife of director Scardon), if he is successful. Ashton steals it and returns, greedily asking for both cash and Muriel. Temple refuses his demand and swears that Ashton will not leave his home alive unless he turns over the idol. Muriel goes to his room that night to beg to be released from her father's promise but he refuses her request. The next day, sure enough, Ashton is found dead in his room. Just about everyone, including Muriel, is a suspect. With the help of Owen Morgan, her artist lover (Harry Morey), Muriel manages to clear her name and the real killer is discovered.