The Golden Touch (1935)

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Walt Disney once claimed that The Golden Touch was the only "Silly Symphony" cartoon deliberately designed to convey a moral message. As he greedily counts his stash of gold coins, chubby King Midas sings "I never care for women/I never cared for wine/But when I count large sums of money/Heh, heh, it's divine." But Midas wants even more wealth, wishing that everything he touches would turn to gold. A grinning goblin named Goldie grants Midas his wish, warning "To you the golden touch would prove a golden curse". Before long, everything in Midas' castle--cats, statues, fountains, apple trees, his own teeth--have been given the 14-K treatment. Alas, Midas' food supply also turns to gold, and though a golden banana may look wonderful, you can't eat it. Envisioning his own skeletal corpse in the mirror, the now-chastened King Midas screams "My kingdom for a hamburger!"--with onions, of course.