The Frozen Warning (1918)

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A skating star of the 1910s known only as Charlotte is featured in this patriotic war drama. Lieutenant Robert Vane (Jack Meredith) is perfecting an undersea gun which Philip Korel (Seymour Rose), an enemy secret agent, plans to steal. Ice skater Charlotte Hayward finds out about the plot during a skating-rink party and tries to warn Vane, but he doesn't take her seriously. Korel attempts to wire his associate, Captain Fredericks (Ralph Johnson), on his yacht, but Charlotte cuts the antennae. Fredericks doesn't get the message and heads out to sea only to discover that the wireless is no longer operating. While he is heading back to port, Vane finds out that his gun has been taken. He finds a note from Charlotte instructing him to meet her at the pier. They contact the authorities and when Fredericks pulls into port he is taken into custody. Korel and his men are rounded up while Charlotte receives Vane's gratitude and undying love.