The Fresh Air Cure (1914)

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Stan Laurel's future partner, Oliver Hardy, has a supporting role in this Lubin split-reel comedy. Tony Stilletto (Vincent DePascale) has caught a cold and his friend, Mr. Strong (Royal Byron), suggests that it would be good for his health if he slept out of doors. Strong has a sleeping porch, but Stilletto doesn't, so he has no choice but to put his bed out on the street. The new location for the bed gets in the way of his daughter, Anna (Eva Bell), and her sweetheart, Izzy Silverstein (Herbert Tracy), who are trying to elope. Stilletto has been sour on the match because Izzy is the son of his old enemy, Morris Silverstein (Hardy). Anna escapes through a window but falls on her father's bed and wakes him up. He pursues the lovebirds and is soon joined by the elder Silverstein. The two fathers wind up fighting and Morris is arrested. Anna and Izzy get married, and they return home in time to see Stilletto's bed get run over by speeding vehicle. Silverstein, apparently unharmed (though still with his cold), gives the couple his blessing.