The Forgotten Woman (1922)

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Pauline Starke stars in this low-budget programmer. The story of Dixie LaRose (Starke) is the typical Cinderella story -- she's a seafront waif who is taken in by Mrs. Maloney (Laura Winston) and her son Joe (Roy Coulson). They both treat her cruelly and her sordid life of abuse reaches a climax when she is tricked into marrying Joe. But on their wedding night, he is arrested and sent to prison. Later on, Dixie meets the kindly Keith Demming (Alan Forrest), who falls in love with her. Demming takes her to her first fancy dress party, but that very same night Joe reappears. It looks like Dixie is going to be stuck with Joe but then her father, Julian LaRose (J. Frank Glendon), appears. Dixie, it turns out, is the daughter of wealth. She is able to completely escape her sad life when Joe is killed in an accident, and thanks to his death is free to wed Demming.