The Folly of Desire (1916)

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This was not one of George Loane Tucker's more successful English productions. Wealthy Boer landowner Simon Krillet (Lewis Gilbert) weds Deborah, a penniless young woman (Manora Thew). He treats her like chattel until the arrival of Robert Waring (Gerald Ames), who has come to South Africa to forget his wife, a morphine addict. Waring goes to work for Krillet, and when he catches the old man beating Deborah, threatens his life. Deborah falls in love with Waring, who is kind to her and gives her books to read; upon discovering their connection, Krillet orders Deborah to put on her wedding gown and he takes her out to the field to shoot her. But Waring comes to her rescue, as does a lightning bolt that strikes and kills Krillet. When Waring's wife eventually dies in an attempt to conquer her addiction, Waring and Deborah are united. This picture was based on the novel The Shulamite by Alice and Claude Askew, and in 1921 was remade as Under the Lash, an improbable vehicle for glamorous Gloria Swanson.