The Demon (1918)

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The curious comedy-drama, based on the novel by C.N. Williamson and A.M. Williamson, was one of the films Edith Storey made for Metro before going to France as an ambulance driver in World War I. Her co-star is Lewis Cody, who hadn't yet been typecast as a worldly rogue. Jim Lassells (Cody) travels to Africa in search of his uncle, who is lost. The uncle is apparently dead, but before he leaves, Lassells buys a little white girl at a slave auction. He places her in a Corsican school, where she stays for several years. One day, while Lassells drives through the Corsican countryside with his fiancée, Lady Lilah Grey (Virginia Chester), and her mother, the Duchess of Westgate (Molly McConnell), the girl, Perdita (Storey), runs out in front of his car. Much to Lilah's chagrin, Lassells decides to take Perdita home and the girl promptly causes all sorts of trouble. A count (Fred Malatesta) abducts Lilah and her mother, while Perdita turns up missing and has supposedly run off with Prince Lorenzo de Rivoli (Frank Deshon). Lassells' search for Perdita turns up the girl, the count, Lady Lilah, and the Duchess. Lilah becomes engaged to the count, while Lassells and Perdita find happiness together.