The Curse of Iku (1918)

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An American sailor (Frank Borzage, who also directed) is shipwrecked on the coast of nineteenth-century Japan. Although most foreigners would face execution if they happened on Japanese shores, a kindly prince, Yori, saves the sailor. This enrages Yori's enemy, another prince called Iku, and he becomes even more wrathful when his sister, Omi San (Tsuru Aoki) falls in love with the American. The sailor is captured, but manages to escape with his life. The story then picks up fifty years later, with one of Iku's descendants coming to America to study. He meets Allen Carrol (Borzage again) and recognizes him as the sailor's grandson. The young Japanese man seeks vengeance on behalf of his ancestor by kidnapping. Carrol's sweetheart, but Carrol goes to Japan himself and rescues her. The tone of this picture was extremely racist, even for the unenlightened era in which it was made.