The Chases of Pimple Street (1934)

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This Charley Chase short opens with a song, "You've Gotta Give Credit to Love." But love won't solve one dilemma Charley and his wife (Betty Mack) are having -- her selfish sister, Celeste, has moved in and taken over the house. Celeste commandeers the bathroom, and Charley is forced to get ready for work in other parts of the house. He has several unfortunate encounters with an ironing board, an iron, and a washing machine, and the result is that he's late. His boss (Wilfred Lucas) is incensed, but when he needs a young lady to entertain an out-of-town client, Charley tries to make amends by offering the services of his sister-in-law. Celeste, however, refuses to go; just then, the boss shows up with his fiancee (Gertrude Astor), and the client (Arthur Houseman). Charley is forced to pretend that his wife is Celeste, and when Celeste shows up, he's stuck pretending he is married to her. The group goes to a stylish nightclub, but Houseman is drunk even before they arrive. The night goes downhill from there as disaster after disaster happens. Hattie McDaniel has a bit as Gertrude Astor's maid.