The Charming Mrs. Chase (1920)

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Lucille McVey was a screenwriter for Vitagraph when she married Sidney Drew. Together they made a series of charming comedies. When he died suddenly in 1919, McVey continued working as a writer and director, retaining her professional billing as Mrs. Sidney Drew. She also wrote the titles to this refined comedy, which was not unlike the material she often appeared in with her late husband. Mr. Wickett (John Cumberland) has become bored with domestic life and is ready for an adventure. He believes he has found it when he meets Mrs. Chase (Dorothy Wallace) at a social function. The charming Mrs. Chase admits that she is over thirty and is happy to accept Mrs. Wickett's comments about her youthful appearance. They agree to have lunch the next day. None of this passes by Mrs. Wickett (Eleanor Custis), and when her husband informs her that he is lunching with Mrs. Chase, she blithely tells him to enjoy himself. This dampens his enthusiasm for the lunch considerably since there's no longer anything racy about it. He and Mrs. Chase decide that it's too much trouble to find adventure after thirty and return home to their spouses.