The Broken Gate (1920)

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Aurora Lane (Bessie Barriscale) lives in a small town loaded with small-minded residents. She had an illegitimate child and with the earnings from her millinery shop, she has sent him away to be educated. When Don, her son (Arnold Gregg), returns from college, he finds he has to defend his mother constantly. He is accused of murdering a man who made a snide remark about Aurora and is put on trial. Lawyer Hod Brooks (Sam deGrasse), who loves Aurora, tries to help him out, and it turns out that the judge, William Henderson (Joseph Kilgour) is actually Don's father. Aurora forces him to save Don's life, and Don escapes from jail just in time to save her from the villagers who are angrily destroying her home. It turns out that the town half-wit is the real killer, so Don is free to be with his sweetheart, Anne (Marguerite de la Motte). Henderson offers to right his wrong and marry Aurora, but she turns him down in preference of Brooks.